We are now taking booking requests for The Welsh Vegan WinterFest 2019!

By filling in this form you are requesting to book your vendor space at the The Welsh Vegan Winterfest 2019 at Cardiff City Hall on Sunday December 8th, 10.30am-4pm.

If you have any queries please email Claire at veganeffect@yahoo.com or use our contact form.

If you are a voluntary group, we may be able to give you stall space for free, please contact us.

IMPT info for food vendors:
You must be able to display a food and hygiene rating of at least 3 star on the day. We have outside market space for vendors who will be cooking food, as cooking is not permitted inside the venue.

Please read our terms & conditions before applying for your exhibition space.

Terms and Conditions

Click Here for Ts & Cs

Exhibitors terms & conditions

Your booking

Once you (the exhibitor) have sent your booking request and we are happy for you to exhibit at the show, you will be invoiced via email for your stall/space/catering van. Your booking is only confirmed once you have paid the invoice. Your invoice will need to be paid within 14 days and payments made by bank transfer.

If you wish to cancel your stall/space/catering van we will only be able to refund you (the full amount minus a £25 cancellation fee) if you cancel 6 weeks before the event date. If you cancel within 6 weeks of the event date we will only be able to refund you (minus £25 cancellation fee) if we have a stallholder to take your place or we are able to find one.
Please email your cancellation and ensure we have responded and acknowledged your cancellation.  If you are concerned, please telephone Claire on 07943537749.
Your cancellation will need to be made by the person who booked the stall/space at the event.

On the day

All products/services/food/promotional materials on the day must be vegan friendly. Any items that are not vegan friendly will need to be removed from display/sale.

If you have booked stall space, you will be provided with a table. It is your responsibility to decorate your table with a tablecloth.

The event is family friendly, please do not display and graphic images.

It is your responsibility to ensure all your electrical appliances are PAT tested if they are over 12 months old. If you are in breach of this, the venue may ask you not to use the equipment. We cannot compensate you or provide refunds in this case.

You are responsible for your own goods at the event, for any losses or damage.

You are responsible for any damage you may cause to the venue, including any fitting and fixtures.

Please ensure that your space is left in good order after the event, you will be charged for the repair or replacement of any property or equipment that has been damaged by you or anyone associated with you (the exhibitor).

We cannot take responsibility if the event is cancelled due to circumstances outside of our control, such as adverse weather conditions. We cannot compensate or make refunds under these circumstances.

We do everything we can to ensure the event is a great success, but we cannot compensate or provide refunds if you do not make the sales you had hoped for. The events are a fantastic way to promote your products and the benefits of your attendance cannot be measured in sales on the day alone.

Health & safety

You (the exhibitor) are responsible for any accidents or injuries to the public caused by your products or your use of the space allocated to you, and you must arrange your own Public Liability and Product Liability Insurance cover.

Please send a copy of your insurance policy statement/s at least 2 weeks before the event date.  You can email these to Claire at veganeffect@yahoo.com

Please keep your space tidy and free from any clutter, boxes, rubbish/decorations/signs and ensure your tablecloth does not touch the floor, which may be a tripping hazard.

Please keep your stand open and in good order throughout the event, if you have sold out of your product please remain open. Packing up early can cause hazards to the public and exhibitors.

Please bag up your rubbish, we recycle where possible so please use separate bags for recycling and general waste, flatten any cardboard boxes. Your waste will be collected at show close.

Food and food hygiene

If you are providing food at the event please ensure you bring your food and hygiene star rating, which must be of at least 3 stars. It is your responsibility to display it on the day, if you do not our venue may ask you to stop trading.  We will not be able to refund or compensate you for any losses.

No food is to be cooked inside the venue. All catering for the event will be allocated outside space at the entrance to the venue.

If you are exhibiting in our outside space, you are responsible for your own electricity supply. We do not have access to mains electricity from outside the venue.

If you are serving hot drinks, please supply a lid with your cups to minimise spillages.