10.30am-4.30pm Sunday December 9th Cardiff City Hall, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3ND

A celebration of all things vegan!
Over 60 vendors bringing you the very best in *ethical Christmas gifts *local and national vegan food *vegan street food *festive drinks *workshops *children’s activities and more!

♦ Workshops ♦

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About our workshop hosts

Annapurna Helen Wilson

Helen Wilson.
Helen Wilson, vegan chef, consultant and owner of Great Green Kitchen, Swansea. Helen has spent the last 10 years promoting, teaching and creating vegan food. She has delivered dozens of talks and cookery demonstrations across the UK and her recipes have appeared in many major food magazines, books and websites. Helen was cookery manager and editor at vegan charity Viva! and head chef at Swansea’s first vegan cafe, Urban Zen.

Cruelty Watch

Cruelty Watch.
Cruelty Watch investigates organised animal cruelty, working in the field, conducting hands-on research and investigations, reporting observations, documenting conditions, and exposing organised animal cruelty.
Wherever possible, Cruelty Watch investigators provide food, water, and comfort to animals in the field and seek veterinary attention for suffering animals.
Cruelty Watch submit evidence to statutory agencies including the Police and local authorities for consideration of prosecution. If necessary, Cruelty Watch consider prosecuting using Section 6(1) of the Prosecution of Offences Act (POA) 1985.

Jane Easton

Jane Easton.
Jane is former Food & Cookery Manager for Viva!, author of the Viva! Cookbook and 30dayvegan.viva.org.uk, co-editor of www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk, and contributor to many other Viva! food resources. She’s now officially retired but still teaching cookery, encouraging vegans young and old and all the veg-curious out there!

WORKSHOPS 11.00 Vegan on a Budget with Jane Easton, author of the Viva! Cookbook. Good food doesn’t need to cost a fortune. As well as offering some shopping and food tips, Jane demos some ‘Value Vegan’ classics with a twist – Easy One-Pot Chilli, Sweet Potato, Lentil & Lime Soup and Chickpea, Beetroot & Cumin Burgers.

12.00 Tackling Animal Crime with Jake Lloyd, an experienced investigations officer with Cruelty Watch.
Jake will discuss how Cruelty Watch gathers evidence and how you can recognise, record, and report animal cruelty. If you have witnessed an illegal fox hunt, should you record it? What do you need to record? If you know where a puppy farm is operating, who should you report it to? If your neighbour is selling dogs without a license, what information do you need? All the questions are answered in our workshop at the Welsh Vegan Winterfest.

13.00 Vegan Christmas? Sorted! with Jane Easton, author of the Viva! Cookbook.
Jane demos some recipes as well as offering tips for buying in tasty vegan food – and for negotiating seasonal mealtimes with family or friends! Recipes – Mushroom Wellingtons, Game-changing Roast Brussels Sprouts and Easy Onion Gravy with red wine option.

14.00 Raw & Delicious Christmas Treats with Annapurna Helen Wilson of Great Green Kitchen, Swansea.
Join Helen for an inspiring demo in how you can easily create tasty, healthier raw vegan treats for your family and friends to enjoy this Christmas. Helen will demonstrate: 3 Ingredient Festive Cinnamon & Peanut Butter Cookies Individual Raw Chocolate & Berry Cheesecakes Raw & Delicious Easy Vegan Truffles.

15.00 Try Vegan? Dip your toes into plant-based living! with Annapurna Helen Wilson of Great Green Kitchen, Swansea and Jane Easton, author of the Viva! Cookbook.
Whether you’re a cooking from scratch person or kitchen phobic/time strapped, Jane will help you explore ‘vegan for a month’ options: great recipes, healthy convenience foods, shopping tips, eating out and nutrition (and a few treats!).